Our Objectives

Five Objectives:

– Mobilise European public opinion and decision-makers over time. Make it understood that our reciprocal interests go through our regional integration.

– Develop public policy and project proposals for the European Commission, the African Union, for national ministries, on network interconnections, harmonization of standards, regional regulations, etc.

– Express the voice of entrepreneurs, who are increasingly numerous to be aware of their strategic role in social, environmental and geo-economic terms.

– Build a strong interaction between professional circles which remain too compartmentalised, by relying on the three instruments of La Verticale AME: the network of think tanks and research centers, the Council of Business Leaders, the political pillar (the Wise Persons Forum), to promote concrete projects.

– Establish a network of young decision-makers (women and men) with high potential, through short seminars, bringing together a small number of current and emerging leading creators, from all professional backgrounds of AME.

Our Added-Value

Africa-Mediterranean-Europe regional integration

– It is about rediscovering, together, our health, food, energy, economic and technological sovereignty with relocations and the compacting of value chains, in order to take advantage of the size, proximity and complementarity of the ensemble Africa-Mediterranean-Europe.

A broad economic approach, based on co-production

– An innovative, socially inclusive and ecologically sustainable economy, instead of the one of rent.

– Co-production, by associating partners from the North and the South in common value chains, including for their strategic segments; the optimization of the production apparatus by taking advantage of these geographical complementarities; convergence of standards.

A tool

– autonomous from institutions, defending the general interest, independent from administrations and political parties;

– parity between North and South, in its composition and governance;

– breaking down barriers between professional, scientific, associative, business and political circles;

– working in the long run and relying on foresight to propose concrete, sustainable projects that are useful to local populations and territories.

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