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One of the lessons of regional integration in the Americas and East Asia is the role of decision-makers: both their modernization (the emerging Mexican or East Asian elites now come from modern productive sectors and no longer from income sectors), and their ability to share a regional vision of integration between North and South, or between South and South.

These seminars contribute to an alliance between emerging decision-makers in the AME region.

Their function is:

– to identify and train the decision-makers who will make the AME region of tomorrow, coming from the public, private or collective sector in order to decompartmentalize professional circles;

– to create between them a community of destiny based on their interpersonal trust;

– disseminate the results of the first two programs, and disseminate positive experiences in the region (good practices, success stories);

– generate new projects.

Three types of seminars will be set up:

– “Thematic seminars” would bring together, over three days, around thirty high-level decision-makers from different countries in the region. At full speed, a monthly seminar would be devoted to one of the major sectoral or thematic issues. The speakers at these seminars would be members of the AME think tank network and the sectoral Verticals.

– “Deconcentrated seminars” would take place in all countries that so request, to spread to a larger number of decision-makers in a country, and to enrich the diagnoses and projects discussed during a thematic seminar;

– an “Annual Major Seminar” would bring together, two days a month, around fifty decision-makers at the highest level, in order to create relationships of interpersonal trust, and to bring together major projects of common interest. They would have the opportunity to meet members of the Foundation’s political circle.

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